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Welcome To My Personal Bicycle Website

Me On My Beach Cruiser T his website specializes in my bicycles and accessories which i like to use on my bikes. For a number of years i have maintained this site as a collection of bicycles made by various companies and i have not been able to give the site the attention required to make it a good website. So, i have decided to limit it's content to the bicycles and items which i personally use/own, plus add other things which interest me and hopefully will also be of benefit to you the visitor of my website. Since i am a non-racer type of person everything listed here will be of the recreational practical type bicycle riding.
My favorite bikes are 700c wheel Hybrid/Cross bikes, 20in wheeled folding type & non-folding bikes, plus the standard 26in wheeled comfort bikes, and beach cruiser type bicycles. Some bicycles designed for hauling are also something i would buy. I also like very much bicycles with a step-through frame or sometimes called U-Frame bikes. Men's frame geometry and dimensions are slightly different than a ladies bike, so if you are a male, always check to see if the cockpit area of the step-through is the same as a man's bike that would fit you. Another big concern for me when buying a new bike is to have enough room/clearance between the front fork blades, the rear seat stays & the rear chain stays to accommodate a big fat tire. You really have to watch this because it has been observed by myself that a number of bicycle building companies neglect this important aspect of frame building. You would think they would know better than to build frames with a too narrow tire space, but i swear they do it, even famous big name companies. Maybe they think they save a couple pennies in cost, i don't know. Right now i have lost interest in regular bicycles and have an interest in electric bikes only. Electric assist bikes are wonderful, but very expensive. Anyway, i hope in the future to buy my first electric bike if i can get together the cash.

  1. BBG BASHGUARD (20 Jan 18) If you like to customize your drivetrain like i do then this here is a great resource. This guy manufactures very nice bashguards probably in his garage (i imagine) and sells them for a very reasonable price. I have bought one from him and he gave very good service and his product is beautiful. I buy these to keep the chain from falling off the sprocket to the right side. You might be able to purchase two of them to sandwich the chain/sprocket and eliminate all chain drop from the single chainring set-up. He sells 104BCD, 110BCD, 120BCD, 130BCD, 64BCD, 94BCD, 96BCD, 135BCD & 144BCD. This business is located in Portland, Oregon.

    ►World class guards for Mountain, Cyclocross, Recumbent, Road Bikes. GUARANTY: All mountain guards are guaranteed for life no matter what except Superlights and ones with oval holes. BBG Bashguard ● 8456 Southwest Mohawk Street ● Tualatin, OR 97062, USA. (503) 784-8973. Hours: Open 24/7.◄
  2. SPECIALIZED ROLL (5 Apr 17) I really like this bike. It has the perfect frame in my opinion. Seven speed gear train, which is one of my favorites. This bike has standard 26in wheels. Note the U-Frame - Step-Through frame which makes for safer riding.

    ►Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cuem sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nulla consequat massa quis enim. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquet nec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dictum felis eu pede mollis pretium. Integer tincidunt. Cras dapibus. Vivamus elementum semper nisi. Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus. Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim. Aliquam lorem ante, dapibus in, viverra quis, feugiat a, tellus. Phasellus viverra nulla ut metus varius laoreet. Quisque rutrum. Aenean imperdiet. Etiam ultricies nisi vel augue. Curabitur ullamcorper ultricies nisi. Nam eget dui. Etiam rhoncus. Maecenas tempus, tellus eget condimentum rhoncus, sem quam semper libero, sit amet adipiscing sem neque sed ipsum. Nam quam nunc, blandit vel, luctus pulvinar, hendrerit id, lorem. Maecenas nec odio et ante tincidunt tempus. Donec vitae sapien ut libero venenatis faucibus. Nullam quis ante. Etiam sit amet orci eget eros faucibus tincidunt. Duis leo. Sed fringilla mauris sit amet nibh. Donec sodales sagittis magna. Sed consequat, leo eget bibendum sodales, augue velit cursus nunc.◄
  3. ABOUT THE H-BAR HANDLEBARS (5 Apr 17) I saw my first set of these handlebars in a bike shop in Whangarei, NZ. I think the original design was made by "Jones H-Bars". You can access their website by going here: I have not tried these bars yet, but i would to buy one as soon as i can afford them.

    ►These bars allow you to really get up on top of the pedals and grind out low cadence standing power for climbing in hard gears which is why the bar is so popular with single speeders. Your hands pull more towards your shoulders, a more natural "pull" with stronger muscles. This allows you to push down with more force at the pedal. In extremely tight turns with the bar close to 90 degrees your outside arm and wrist is not taken to the edge of their flexible range as with traditional bars.The sweep matches your natural hand and wrist positions creating a stronger hand and body position. With an H-Bar, your weight is evenly distributed across the width of your hand instead of being focused at the out side edge of your hand, the main cause of finger numbness. This "even grip pressure" on the bar allows a better, more secure grip on the bar. This is especially nice if you chose to ride a fully rigid bike. The many and varied hand positions greatly reduce hand numbness and wrist pain. The H-Bar also reduces back pain since it has a range of hand positions from rear to front. This range allows you to move around and stretch your back. This is a bar you can ride all day.◄
  4. DOWNTUBE (7 Jul 17) I bought one of these Downtube Bikes about 6 to 8 years ago. They are well made and i like the bike. I owned about 17 different bikes including the Xootr Swift which is over-priced in my opinion. I gear all my bikes for flat to uphill travel, not downhill travel. So i shift the gearing ratios back so that the high gearing is comfortable on the flat level streets/surface. You can change the gearing on these bikes to suit your own abilities. Downtube is a real good bike and now you can buy them on Amazon which is very cool. Great Foldable Bicycle For Travel & Commuting. Full Suspension For Super Smooth Ride. Fits Riders up to 6ft-2in & 245lbs. 9 Speed Height-End Drivetrain & 27 Speed Ready (incl. Front Dérailleur Braze-on). 100% Disc Brake Ready w/Disc Hubs and Disc Cable Routing. Best Value 9 Speed Full Suspension On The Market: Others in class are +$1000.

    ►The Downtube 2014 FS (9 Speed Full Suspension) folding bicycle features include: Integrated Threadless Headset, Front Dérailleur. Braze-on for 27 Speed Capability, Head Tube and Seat Tube Interface For Bags, Pumps, or Battery Packs. Rear Swingarm Bolt (makes disassembly easier). Front and Rear Disc Hubs with Disc Mounts on the Frame. Aluminum Stem Dial. Cold Forged Cranks. Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket. Preloaded Adjustable Transarch Suspension Fork. Rear Disc Tabs. Lightweight and Easy-to-Fold Alloy Pedals. Alloy and Stainless Frame. Stem Quick Releases. Machined Sidewall Rims. Replaceable 48T Chainring. Stainless Steel Spokes. NEW!!! Upgraded Parts: Brakes, Levers, Noodle, Bottom Bracket é Lighter Fork. Kickstand Mount. Drive Train with Trigger Shifters. Better Cable Housing. New Brake Levers with Textured Grip. Mini Barends that Make Stem Easier to Fold. Rotating Rise Bars.◄
  5. SCHWINN 20IN LOOP FOLDING BIKE   The thing about these bicycles is that they are really low cost and some of the components are not that great. But i have discovered that a person can upgrade the "Cheapie" components and improve the quality of the bike. The crankset can be changed & upgraded. The rear cogs/cassette & deraillieur can be changed & upgraded. You can install new and different pedals. The rims & tires can be changed to something you like better. The saddle & seatpost can be changed. If my legs & feet can handle it - i would like to buy one of these and do my upgrades on it. This is a 20in folding bicycle designed for adult commuting. It has a Low stand over frame and rigid fork for easy on and off. Sure stopping alloy linear pull brakes. 7 speed drivetrain to get up hills easily. Plus a Nylon carrying bag included.

    ►This is an Adult Commuter bike that stores small. Never worry that your bike will be stolen again! Just fold it up and bring it indoors with you, the Schwinn Loop folds into a neat little package for storage and transport. Heavy nylon storage bag included. When you want to ride just fold it out, load your stuff and go. When you get to work or home, fold it up and bring it in with you. You can even get on a train or bus with it for the ultimate in all weather bike commuting convenience!◄
  6. Xootr Swift XOOTR SWIFT   I have in the past owned two of these bikes. They're well made except i hated the folding option design of the bike. I felt that the bike would have been better designed to have simply made a non-folding rigid frame. The bike does not really fold up very well in my opinion and is actually a weak spot in the design of the frame. Other than the folding aspect which i hate, the bike is well designed. It is important to buy one with a handle bar height that is appropriate for your height and they can adjust the stem to fit your body style or height. ►The Xootr Swift folding bicycle is a great bicycle which happens to fold. The Xootr Swift is a real bike with classic frame angles and wheelbase. It rides like a real bike. For most people it can be your only bike. It happens to get quite compact in about 10 seconds. This is very useful if you need to pop your bike in your car. . . Or take it in an elevator. . . Or carry it on a train. It will also pack into a standard suitcase (e.g., a Samsonite hardshell suitcase) with about 15 minutes of your time, so you can take it with you when you travel. We have gone to great lengths to make the hard decisions for you. You need only provide us with some information about your size and we will configure your Swift at the factory to meet your needs. We are bicycle enthusiasts at Xootr and we ride the Swift folding bike for pretty much all uses except off-road mountain biking and road racing (and honestly, we've done some racing on a Swift as well). We commute by bicycle all year on the Swift. We also use the Swift for recreational riding and it makes an excellent family bicycle because it fits a wide variety of sizes.◄
  7. KHS Latte Folding Bicycle KHS LATTE   I owned one of these bikes and liked it quite a bit. It folds up very well in fact better than the Xootr which is much more expensive. Another thing about this bike that's good is the fact that the front & rear sprockets can be removed and changed to different tooth sizes, i mean like tooth count. This bike is also a great ladies bike in my opinion, i think most women would like this bike a lot because you can wear a dress or a skirt with this bike. . . No problem. This is a very comfortable and easy riding bicycle. KHS also has a model (Mocha) of this bike equipped with a 6 speed gear system. Picture on the right is of the "Latte" model with single-speed and coaster brake.

    ►KHS Bicycles Inc. was founded in 1974 as an American-based company distributing the KHS brand of bicycles. It's mission is to design, manufacture and distribute moderately priced and high quality bicycles and accessories. Since that time KHS has grown into a brand respected for quality, value, and integrity with distribution in more than 30 countries around the world. KHS Bicycles Inc. manufactures a full line of mountain, rode and touring bicycles as well as comfort tandems and cruisers.◄
  8. Soft Cruise Bicycle SOFT CRUISE   I bought one of these bikes and had it shipped to my location in Crescent City, California. The Soft Cruise bike is well made. The main spring used to cushion your ride is adjustable in tension. This is a nice bike to add to your collection.

    ►After tinkering with old bikes for a while and attending bike shows later on, Dave Morrow started to make his hobby to his business and founded Rusty Spokes Bicycles in 1997. He noticed that beach cruisers, which always drew the landscape of Pacific Beach here in San Diego, were not as soft to ride as sprung mountain bikes. At that time, he had the dream of creating the softest riding beach cruiser in the world. In 2003, Dave started to build prototypes of a beach cruiser with a rear suspension. Driven by passion and creativity, he presented the first patented SoftCruise® bike in May 2009. More over, Dave invented the ExhausPipe as well as the Shotgun Kickstand.◄
  9. Cannondale Hooligan 8in CANNONDALE HOOLIGAN 8   I purchased this bike sight unseen except for pictures on the internet. The bike is very well made and accommodates the largest 20in tires. It is called an "8" because it has 8 rear cassette sprockets in the back. 8 speed with single chainring (1x8?).
    Cool Amazon Search
    As far as i can tell the bike was built for adults . . . Maybe. The only part about the bike that did not work for me was the fact that the handlebars were in a much to aggressive riding position. I am almost 6ft tall. The bike would be better suited for teenage or shorter adult type person. I do not think that Cannondale manufactures this bike anymore. I could not find it on their website. I don't know why because it is a very cool bike, i just wished they had made the handlebars a little higher, but maybe the bike was designed for children - i don't know, i could not find out. The bike cost me about $700 to $800.
  10. My Specialized Globe Vienna MY SPECIALIZED GLOBE VIENNA   I purchased this bike up in Grants Pass, Oregon. It is a Hybrid 700c wheeled bike. I changed the front chainring cluster and the rear cassette gears to something much lower gear which worked very well for me. The basket on the back is a Wald 520 Basket. I think the bike frame color is called "Pea Green". Picture on the right was taken at the lookout platform located at the end of Enderts Beach Road south of Crescent City, California. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

    ►The multi-tool of city bikes—as versatile, efficient and economical as they come. Once you realize your college 10-speed isn't what it used to be, go for this simple, clean and reliable bike built for your everyday commute, fitness break or casual loop.◄

  11. Sun Ruskin Sport 700c MY SUN RUSKIN 700C   This bicycle pictured on the right is of a SUN Ruskin 700c wheel. Unfortunately i failed to take a picture of the one i owned, so this substitute pic will have to do. My Ruskin looked the same as this one, except i did my usual customization on it. This is a low cost bicycle and is very comfortable to ride. It has a kinda "Crank Forward" pedal feel to it. I had only 7 gears which i like a lot (in my opinion that's all you need anyway for most local riding). A single front chainring with only 7 sprockets in the rear gear cluster. On the Sun Bicycle website this bike is located in the "Bike Path" category. Click on the picture at the right for a larger view.

    ►Lightweight 6061 alloy frame with foot-forward design. 700c alloy wheels with quick release front and rear. Fast-rolling 700 x 38c tires. 7-speed gearing with easy twist shifting. High-rise handlebars and adjustable alloy stem. Heavy-duty anatomic two-tone rubber gel grips. Alloy suspension seat post. Comfort Cruiser saddle with elastomer suspension.◄

  12. Fuji Blue Model 3.0 Bicycle MY FUJI 2012 SARATOGA 3.0   I am sorry but i failed to take a picture of my Saratoga when i had it in my possession. This bike is available in about 3 different sizes and in my opinion is a very well made bike. It is really a nice comfortable bike. I changed the front chainring to a 32T sprocket, added a big Brooks leather saddle B-190, changed the pedals to MKS Lambda, attached a Wald black rear basket, & installed Bontranger Hank tires. The frame configuration is i guess the "pedal forward" type of geometry. But anyway it worked out very well for me. This bike is located in the Fuji "Lifestyle" category. ►You can find your closest Fuji dealer by visiting our dealer locater at Simply enter your city or zip code, and a list of Fuji dealers in your area – complete with shop name, address, and phone number – will pop up. For International dealers, please visit Your local Fuji dealer will be able to provide you with the most-up-to-date information on what they have in stock.

    All of our bikes are sold exclusively through our network of specialty bicycle retailers across the globe. We do not engage in any direct sales to consumers. While height and inseam are great starting points, there are many other factors necessary to ensure the perfect fit. The only true way to find out what size bike you need is to be fit by a shop professional. They will take all the necessary measurements to determine a rider's requirements for top tube length, seat tube length, and saddle height, as well as other factors such as stem length and angle, crank length, and saddle fore/aft positioning. These measurements vary significantly from person to person - even if the same height. We, therefore, strongly recommend that you visit your local Fuji dealer to determine the best size for you. We do not offer any customization options for Fuji bicycles at this time. The bikes are produced with the colors and specifications that appear on our website and within our catalogs. You may be able to work with your dealer on parts swaps, but we cannot accommodate any color or parts swaps requests from the factory. Once the model year ends so too does the production of that year's lineup, so we will not be able to obtain the bike for you. But a private seller or a dealer with unsold previous model year product (commonly called "new-old stock") may be able to help you. Fuji's parent company, Advanced Sports, has owned the Fuji brand since 1998. We do not have information on models produced prior to the purchase. You may want to try the independently run website, which specializes in Fuji bikes made between the 1970s and the 1990s, or the comprehensive bicycle information website◄
  13. My Jamis Hudson Easy3 MY 2012 JAMIS HUDSON EASY3   I recently purchased this bike new here in Whangarei, New Zealand, but it is available in the USA also. I really like the bike and am in the process of customizing it to my liking. The bike is well made in my opinion and has plenty of room between the seat & chain stays and front fork blades to accommodate larger balloon type tires. This model here has a Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Internal gear shifter and i like this type shifter a lot. My previous experience with it has been very good. Click on the picture at the right for a larger view. ►The introduction of our Hudsons last year was such a success, we've added 3-speed and single-speed coaster-brake versions this year called Easy. As friendly to ride as the Sport versions, but with even simpler braking and shifting operation. Our step-through versions are especially easy to mount up and ride. You just lift your foot, step through the frame, settle into the saddle and you're underway before you know it. This step-through design really emphasizes the Hudson's already lowered and lengthened frame, with stability that zeroes out any possibility for intimidation. If you haven't ridden in years, if you're the least bit apprehensive about pedaling again, or if hip mobility issues make swinging your leg over the rear wheel to get on the saddle a challenge, this is like the warm, fluffy puppy of bicycles—impossibly friendly and eager to welcome you home.◄
  14. My Worksman Folding Bike MY WORKSMAN FOLDING BICYCLE   The picture on the right is of my Worksman Folding Bicycle. It was supposed to be "Safety Orange" but the color i received was some kind of weird red color. Well anyway, the bike is quite heavy because it is made from an all steel frame as far as i can tell. I owned the single speed model equipped with a coaster brake. I changed the gearing both front and back. If i remember correctly i used a 22T sprocket in the rear and a 32T in the front. I liked the bike and it was fun to ride. I replaced the factory saddle with a "Spiderflex" seat as you can see in the picture, also mounted on a "Thudbuster" seatpost which in my opinion is a must if you need some riding comfort. Using the "Thudbuster" in conjunction with the "Spiderflex" seat was mandatory for me, otherwise i got beat to death by even normal asphalt paved roads. Click on the picture at the right to see a larger picture.

    ►If you seek the simplicity of a simple-to-ride bicycle that is also compact and foldable, then the Worksman Unisex Folding Bicycles are right for you. These very compact bikes are great fun and ideal for those who may prefer riding a bicycle which allows them to get on and off easily and also allows your feet to more easily touch the ground when mounting or dismounting. Thousands of people have purchased Worksman Folding Bicycles because they seek this security and comfort. Many satisfied owners never even fold their bicycles . . . They simply feel safe, secure and comfortable ridng these unique bikes. Recommended for riders from 4ft-9in to 6ft-2in up to 250 pounds. Naturally, since this bike also folds, it can be more easily stored or transported than conventional bikes. The sturdy frame is a unisex style which is so easy to mount and dismount. The wheels are 20x1.75 with sporty white wall tires. Coaster brakes (Foot) are standard equipment as are fenders, upright quick adjust handlebars, thickly padded seat and rear rack.◄
  15. Torker Cargo-T MY TORKER CARGO-T   On the right is a picture of my "Torker Cargo-T", a very comfortable bicycle used for hauling groceries, trash, or any relatively light loads you can fasten to the carriers. I liked this bike. The neon green color was beautiful and people liked it a lot. For some mysterious reason it was easy to pedal in spite of it's weight which was generally heavier than most of my bikes. I don't think this model sold very well, in fact i bought mine at a discount so the bike shop could get rid of it. Now Torker seems to have a similar model called the "Big-T" a single speed industrial type bike used at large companies like maybe an oil refinery or something similar. But anyway it's a good bike. I liked the 3 Speed Nexus shifter. I also lowered the gear ratio: Installed a 23T rear cog and then a 32T front chainring. I also changed the seat to a BROOKS B-73 SADDLE. It looked beautiful on this bike. The "Locking Headset" which was installed on the head tube worked very well and kept the steering from rotating while loading or unloading the front rack. I should not forget to mention that i replaced the factory pedals with those "MKS Lamda" platform pedals which like a lot.

    ►Torker's easy step thru frame delivery bike is ready to haul; in more ways than one. This environmentally friendly 3 speed "pick-up" comes well equipped with heavy duty tubular front and rear racks, a sturdy center stand and locking headset for increased stability when parked.◄
  16. My Orange Bazooka Bike 26in Wheels MY FOLDING BAZOOKA BIKE   Here is my Bazooka "Beach 3 Orange" Bike, this bike was purchased from Bazooka Sports a couple of years ago on the internet as it was offered at a reduced sale price. Current price is $495.00 online (1 Sept 2012). At first, i did not like the bike, and i was unsure about how much i would really use this bike; so i stored it for awhile, but when i got around to customizing the bike - i started to enjoy the comfort and looks of the bike and discovered other people really thought the bike was beautiful and people at the beach would take pictures of this bike. So, it turned out good and i now like and ride the bike as much as possible. The pedals on this bike can be purchased by clicking HERE if you would like to buy a pair or more. These pedals are called: MKS Silver Lambda Pedals - 9/16in Spindle. Click on the picture at the right for a bigger view of the bike.

    ►Stock Components: 3 Speed Shimano Nexus internal hub, Color: Orange, 18in Aluminum Frame, Wheelbase: 44in, Seat Height: 30in from ground to seat post base, Front Fork: Chrome Moly, Tires Kenda 26in x 2.125in, Spokes strong stainless steel 14 Gauge, Headset VP Components, BB part VP Components for cotterless Brake Rear coaster brake, Chain KMC, Seat Velo wide comfort, Rims Alloy Weinmen, Pedals VP, Bike Aprox. Weight: 35lbs.►
  17. Giant Cypress ST 700c 2006 model Xtracycle Equipt MY XTRACYCLE CARGO HAULER   I owned this bike for about 5 years and it was used quite a lot. The base for this bike was a brand new 2006 Giant Cypress ST with 700c Wheels. Even though the Xtracycle frame favors the standard 26in wheel, this set-up worked for me.
    I used the bike mostly for hauling laundry to the laundromat and for hauling groceries to my living quarters and also for hauling trash to a trash bin. Occasionally, i would haul a small amount of lumber or some other bulky item like a ladder. The frame of the bike had a tendency to wobble laterally though if over-loaded. Not really a very strong frame for repetitive heavy loads, but i never noticed any cracks in the frame after abandoning the bike at my last living place. The picture on the right is the set-up i used prior to replacing the cargo bags on the right side with a "Wideloader" rack to carry different shape containers. Click on the picture at the right for a little larger view.

    ►Smooth-rolling 700c wheels give the all-new Cypress a swift yet stable feel. A suspension seat post takes the edge off bumpy streets. And a lightweight aluminum frame provides a comfortable, upright ride for maximum efficiency and control. It's everything you need to enjoy the ride.◄
My Orange Retro Cruiser Bike

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